The Goki brand is considered one of Europe’s key wooden toy suppliers. Their wooden toys are of high quality and several of which have won awards proving that they meet high quality standards and promote children’s play through learning. 

The company nurtures sustainability and social responsibility as they are aware of the importance of the environment for our children’s future. Therefore, every year they donate for planting new tree seedlings — so far, they have already planted over 250,000. They also invest part of their funds to educate children in the Third World countries, and build one school each year, believing that education is the only right path to stopping the exploitation of child labour and getting out of poverty.

Goki is represented by two brands:

  • Holztiger, handmade wooden toys in Germany from sustainably processed hardwood. They are timeless and beautifully designed and promote the child’s imagination while playing.
  • Heimess, also handmade wooden children’s toys, made of top-quality materials, water-based dyes and safe adhesives that are waterproof and therefore do not harm the health of children.
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