Colorful bedding of gentle motifs, comfortable nests, cute bathrobes and towels with ears, versatile useful pillows for breastfeeding, soft blankets, varied bibs and numerous armchairs with fun motifs are just some of the carefully designed and carefully produced items created under the Bubaba brand by FreeON

Beautiful textile products are produced in the EU – Croatia and sewn from the highest quality cotton, splendid with minimalist patterns and decorated with unique prints and embroidery. 

Bubaba offers a wide range of items that are not only extremely useful, but also play a decorative role as they beautify every baby room while offering softness, warmth, safety and comfort to your children. Wishing to give children a comfortable rest and a peaceful sleep, a pleasant bathing and exciting feeding and entertaining childhood, we develop innovative products and design attractive designs that delight parents and make children happy.

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