Dimian is an international company with registered offices in Germany, Italy and Hong Kong. The beginnings of the company date back to 1959. The company distributes products in 130 countries around the world. 

Their mission is to make toys that will make our children happy.

To achieve these goals, the company’s specialists do the market research and products improvements every year. Along with the production, they also take care of the environment protection, which is a top priority for the company. They devote a lot of time to the selection of raw materials and the production process. As an example, they are currently using 85% recycled packaging material with an aim of reaching 99% in the following years. Dimian products comply with all toy safety international and world regulations.

Dimian has 60 years of experience in the toy market. It has been working towards the constinuous and successful introduction of new products in the category of the girls and outdoor toys. Baby dolls, dolls, dolls’ carts, portable doll cots, localized plush animals… these are toys that complete the offer of Dimian branded stores. 

Dimian is one of the leading companies in the industry of making girls’ toys. Among the most reputable brands, the Bambolina brand is our favourite. Dimian is famous for high quality and the best design toys.

The company considers children to be our future and therefore devotes a lot of time to making toys that encourage children’ creativity and imagination.

The offer includes smart toys that provide interaction with children and even more joy in the Slovenian language

 Meet the fairy-tale lady unicorn who winks seductively with her radiant eyes and shining horn and tells one of the most beautiful fairy tales — Rapunzel — in Slovenian or the rainbow whale Stella, who can’t wait to present you a fairy tale — Little Mermaid. 

With her beautiful gentle appearance and voice, she will delight younger girls.

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