Music is an important part of our life. In whatever form, it accompanies us at every step mostly before we take the first steps at all. Experts say that everyone has innate musical abilities. 

If we observe the development of speech in a child, we can see this. It begins with symbolic speech, namely, it uses the intonation and rhythm of the language. 

One of the best gifts that parents can give to their child is certainly the gift of music. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the child from an early age to listen to different genres of music. With this, the child will develop its imagination and creativity. 

Italian brand Bontempi is synonymous for music and quality. Bontempi covers a range of musical toys, imitations of musical instruments and simple musical instruments for children over the age of three who are making their first musical steps. 

Bontempi musical instruments are made of high-quality materials that ensure long-term use and are an excellent imitation of real musical instruments.

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