Italian brand Chicco is Europe’s largest children’s brand. Operating under the umbrella of global Artsana Group, it develops innovative care products for the whole family, everything from children’s equipment and toys to cosmetics and medical devices.

Chicco is a brand with decades-long tradition, and it is present in more than 120 countries on 6 different continents.

Key pieces of children’s equipment include strollers, car seats, bouncers and swings, baby carriers, portable beds and many other gadgets that facilitate parenting and ensure children a safe development and a pleasant childhood.

Otroški avtosedeži Chicco
Carseat Chicco

In the toy segment, Chicco offers sound/musical toys that are localized, as well as didactic toys that soothe, provide a sense of security and warmth, promote motor, sensory and speech development, and teach and entertain the child. 

Chicco offers an extensive range of children’s devices such as feeding and breastfeeding products, medical devices including thermometers and a rich choice of care products for all generations, including sun creams, mosquito and insect protection creams, baby care products and the like. 

For over more than 60 years, Chicco has developed an extremely wide and diverse range of products that follow modern trends and expert guidelines, offer effective solutions for modern parents, and provide children with safety, comfort and a harmonious and healthy development.

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