The Polar B wooden toy line is a modern line of toys in gentle pastel colours. The main character in this line of toys is the polar teddy bear who is on a special mission, delivering an important message about saving the Earth

Toys of the Polar B line are designed to promote the emotional development of children and to encourage their boundless imagination. But it is not only the game that matters, it is also its ability to make children playing with Polar B wooden toys get closer to nature, understand the importance of the environment and life and get connected to it through the game. 

At the north pole, where the polar teddy bear lives, a lot of things go wrong. Because of the too warm climate, the ice has melted into the river and carried away the teddy bear’s sledge. The polar teddy bear has set off on his way to find his sledge. During the journey, he meets a lot of animals that have been left without a home due to the impact of people on the environment. They join him and they travel the world together and tell children about the beautiful old days where all the animals had their homes and the world was beautiful like a fairy-tale. Although teddy bear has not yet found his sledge, he has met a lot of good children during the journey. They have joined the brave polar bear and with united effots, they are conveying the message of saving the Earth. 

You, too, can join the polar bear to help spread the message.

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