Parenthood is not only the most important, but also the most demanding and valuable role in life. Wishing to provide you with products for carefree and enjoyable moments with your little ones, we, in cooperation with experts and in accordance with the requirements of modern parents, have developed a wide range of quality, safe, functional and aesthetically sophisticated products that will enable you to entertain and spend unforgettable moments with your youngest. 

Our mission is to provide children with a comfortable, safe and happy childhood, and to enable parents a pleasant, carefree and satisfying parenting. 

We give priority to quality and functionality by recognising that at the time when we are all fully employed, it is only practical products that serve more purposes and accompany us for a longer period of time can offer our toddlers an encouraging environment for growth and development.

The Slovenian brand FreeON, launched in 2013, consists of four lines:
  • Street,
  • Car,
  • Home and
  • Sleep.


The Street line offers a wide range of attractive and functional strollers designed for daily walks, weekend trips and family holidays. They are distinguished by modern design, thoughtful colour combinations and diverse technical characteristics, which are selected in accordance with the requirements of modern mothers. Our strollers will meet all your needs and meet all your expectations. 

Walking your baby in a stroller has never been more enjoyable and fun.


Car seats of the Car line provide the toddler with the necessary level of safety and comfort along the way. Within each size group, a number of models are available for each stage of the child’s development that can adapt to the child’s size and provide him with optimal comfort.  The brand offers innovative and modern car seats, which are distinguished by thoughtful technological features and characteristics and are tested in accordance with the latest safety and quality standards. 

FreeOn car seats are distinguished by modern design, high safety and comfort providing children comfortable and carefree driving. 



The Home line combines children’s products for home use: comfortable and practical high chairs for feeding, walkers, baby carriers, bathroom program, comfortable bouncers and swings. The products are convenient, functional and easy to us, with the main purpose to provide the child freedom to explore its surroundings, getting used to being independent and to actively participate in daily activities, while facilitating parents’ daily activities and providing enjoyable parenting. 

We should definitely not forget about wooden furniture, portable beds, cot beds, changing pillows and other products, including Bubaba by FreeON sleepwear, which form the Sleeping line and are designed for a quiet sleep, a pleasant rest and sweet dreams of your little ones at home, on trips, excursions, visits to relatives or friends. 

Quality sleep provides the child with healthy growth and development, as well as enough energy for daily activities, and enables parents to recover energy and actively spend time with their child. 

Our desire is to provide children with a carefully and professionally designed products that constitute the basis for further growth and development, and to enable parents to spend time with children in a quality manner creating valuable memories.

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