Our company has been present on the Slovenian market since 1997 with the wholesale of children’s toys, quality children’s equipment of renowned manufacturers, children’s accessories and children’s textile products. Shortly afterwards, we expanded our business to neighbouring Croatia and Macedonia, as well as to other countries around the world. Today we are one of the leading suppliers of these products. We are proud of our carefully selected and extensive sales program.


We are specialized in wholesale of children’s products. The mission of our company is to provide first-rate and productsthat are relaible and safe. In the interest of meeting the needs and desires of babies and their parents. We offer thoughtfully selected products to the customers in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and other countries. Moreover, we dedicate our full attention and knowledge to sales program, which is carefully selected and in accordance with the latest guidelines in the market. Our key pripority are educational and inspiring products, which stimulate baby’s advancement and meet the needs of children through all developmental stages. All products we offer are safe, of high quality and in accordance with all the currently valid standards on the European market.

Our products are available in both physical and online stores where we want to offer our appreciated customers only top-quality products for their little ones. In the years to come, we will expand our presence in domestic and foreign markets, because our customers are aware of the importance of quality and safe products and because happy children represent the greatest pleasure for their parents.


Apollo d.o.o.

Wholesale of toys and equipment for children
Puhova ulica 18
SI-2250 Ptuj

Matjaž Marinšek

Registration number: 5496225
WAT number: SI95965645
Phone: +386(0) 8 2008 650
Fax: +386(0) 2 778 82 50


Our vision is to strengthen the position and the image of professional and reliable distributor of
products for children and their parents. Furthermore, we want to become the most prominent and
the leading distributor of children’s products in all our markets.

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