The company was founded by Giuseppe Lisciani in the 1970s.

Since then, all products have been created at the Lisciani Centre for Education and Research, where they are constantly tested and improved. That is why Lisciani toys are considered the best didactic toys

Lisciani Group has been conducting research and training on how children learn for more than 40 years. The company creates, designs and manufactures a wide range of educational and entertaining children’s toys, which are distinguished by their didactic properties. The fundamental principle of the group is to offer rich content. They follow the certified quality management system and provide excellent products that are safe and environmentally friendly. All products are made in Italy.

  • Educational quality,
  • Content with high added value,
  • Innovation and high technology for the child,
  • Education,
  • Learning through the game,
  • Quality of life for the whole family,
  • Learning guarantee.

Lisciani offers a wide range of educational games for all ages.

On the shelves of the stores in Slovenia there are quite a few Lisciani games in the Slovenian language.

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