The Viga brand is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden toys. Since 2003, the company has been creating, producing and distributing quality, safe, instructive children’s environmentally friendly wooden toys. 

Viga toys are made with love for children and care for their happy childhood and development. The company’s mission is to enable children to learn about the world through play. During the game, children learn, gain new experiences, knowledge and skills, and experience a lot of happy moments. Viga’s orientation in the manufacture of wooden toys is: safety, natural materials, teaching and joy when playing. They are present in more than 60 countries around the world. 

Wood is beautiful. It used to be their idea before, and so it is today. The toys made of wood are beautiful too. Solid, durable, almost unbreakable, expressing warmth, with always pleasant touch. If you want to offer your child a quality toy made of natural materials, choose VIGA toys. 

VIGA offers the variety of toys for the youngest, educational toys, development toys that enable the development of fine and gross motor skills and promote the development of eye — hand coordination. Viga wooden toys have beautiful designs and colours that appeal to the child’s eye. They are also very easy and pleasant to handle.


In our selection we have the following lines of toys for children:

Rich offer of wooden toys PolarB by Viga.

A wide selection of wooden Viga games localized in Slovenian.

Various offer of classic educational Viga wooden games for learning and creatively spending time.

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