Popular cars of all the time are a real international hit among children and adults! The cult brand from France, Majorette, has been creating for many decades small metal cars, as collectible pieces for the elderly as well as children toy cars for play. Majorette has been a partner of the automotive industry for many years, which enables them to develop vehicles in very realistic form. From passenger cars and construction vehicles to race cars and game sets, something for everyone. 

In 1961, Eric Véron founded the Rail-Route company and began production of model railways. The first car under the name Majorette appeared on the market in 1964. And since cars became more and more popular under this brand, already in 1967, they renamed the company Majorette and thus took care of the consolidation of the name. 

Majorette is an established brand with a long tradition that uses high-quality materials in the manufacture of models and creates a strong gaming value. The models are genuine and realistic copies of the big cars of world-famous car brands, so they can easily awaken passion and inspiration in lovers around the world. All Majorette toys are manufactured in the Simba Dickie Group’s own factories and are tested in accordance with high quality management standards. Most of them are made in Thailand, and a few gaming sets are made at the Smoby Toys factory in France.


The company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology combined with innovative design and ensures the durability and safety of their products. They cooperate with internationally renowned institutes, ensuring the compliance of products with international safety standards. They also give high importance to the work conditions under which products are produced — Majorette is a member of the BSCI as part of Simba Dickie Group.

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