Since 1949, the German brand Fehn has been offering beautiful, attractively designed and quality children’s toys designed for ages 0 and up.  

There are attractive for their extraordinary softness that makes Fehn toys especially loved by children, because they can cuddle, comfort and sleep with them, but at the same time they can be a wonderful gift. Cute animal motifs, intense colours, harmonious colour combinations, thoughtful details, visual additions and sound effects stimulate the child’s motor and sensory development by activating their senses such as sight, hearing, touch and encouraging the child to explore and learn. Small details help to train fine motor skills and teach the child about the world on their own and how to overcome challenges and obstacles. 

The cute toys are complemented by accessories such as towels, blankets, bibs, socks and the like, which offer the child softness and warmth and are friendly to tender baby skin.  

Offer your child a quality toy that will arouse its interest and positively influence its development.

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