Impressive choice of vehicles

Dickie Toys impresses with everything that is simple, mechanical, technically perfect, everything that can be driven, flown or sailed. As a long-term partner in the automotive industry, they hand down their enthusiasm to children and parents with their passion for everything mobile. After more than 40 years of experience in the toy industry, they know how to impress children of all ages to play. In their assortment, they offer a wide range of vehicles and cover a variety of topics that accompany the child through all stages of its development. 

The history behind Dickie Toys dates back to 1971, when Wolfgang Sauerborn founded the Sauerborn & Stűbinger toy company and then Dickie Toys Hong Kong in 1978. The company was renamed Dickie Spielzeug (Germany) and Dickie Toys (international) in 1984.

Design and development

In addition to its own production and vehicle design, Dickie Toys collaborates with a lot of partners from the automotive industry as well as with the toy licensing sector. In collaboration with international universities and designers from all over the world, they create toys that are the result  of the synergy of high technical know-how, current trends and innovation.

Quality and safety

They aim to continuously optimize their quality and processes to facilitate sustainable work through efficient use of resources. In production and development, they ensure compliance with international standards. Before leaving the factory, each product goes through both internal and external quality and safety inspection to ensure compliance with legal requirements in accordance with international standards.

Dickie Toys is synonymous with:
  • Wide range of toys (from small to large, from realistic to fantasy, from mechanical to electronic vehicles),
  • Wide range of age groups (they make toys from toddler to teenager — ages from 1 to 14)
  • High value products (products with a lot of features, improvement of child’s motor skills, training in safety on the road),
  • Cost-effective prices (high quality for the price of toys),
  • Global company – present in more than 100 countries around the world.
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