A global brand that is present in the markets of Europe, Asia, North America and beyond.


It has more than 20 years of experience (founded in 1996) in the development of interactive toys and technologies for children of all ages. The company’s primary goal is to develop and launch products that are innovative and safe. They focus on products that offer a fun and safe learning experience for the whole family!

The main priority is to offer safe and technologically sophisticated products in the market. The company has strong expertise, development, production and distribution. They offer innovative, fun and safe products for children and families. 

In Slovenia there are quite a few toys available in the Slovenian language or in a combination of Slovenian- English interactive toys.

Values of Kidz Delight:

  • innovation (use of the latest technologies)
    safety (compliance with COPPA and CE rules),
  • technology (rapid responses to new technologies, trends, market needs)
    quality (compliance with the most demanding standards of quality and safety),
  • creativity (they add “magic” to the items),
  • efficiency (efficiency and flexibility according to customer needs).
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