The brand Smoby comes from France and is the world number one toy manufacturer

The history behind the company began long ago, back in 1924, with the production of wooden taps, under the name of Moquin-Breuil. The turning point occurred when the company changed its name to Smoby, in 1978, when they began producing toysToday, the toys manufacturer Smoby is considered one of the most modern factories with more than 40,000 m2 of production area.

Smoby toys basic philosophy is: “Growing up has never been so fun!“

Smoby children are the children who grow up while playing and creating their own imagination stories, developing themselves thanks to their versatile useful toys. 

Smoby toys and games offer children the variety of games to be played both outdoors and indoors, in playrooms or children’s rooms. Toys and gadgets for the best role-play, puppet stories, craftsman activities, preschool education, arts and a wide variety of outdoor games that appeal to the game both young and older curious children and all this through the stories designed in vibrant, fashion colours. 

A wonderful choice for any child.

Smoby toys and playgrounds are considered premium products with complete craftsmanship and long durability.

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