Canpol, the leading company of children’s equipment in the Polish market, has been meeting the developmental needs of children for almost 30 years and fulfils the parents’ expectations. 

The brand is present in more than 50 countries and offers a wide range of products for feeding, care, play and safety. They create innovative, imaginative and colourful products, designed by their own team of model developers, collection designers and graphic designers who take care of colour combinations and motifs. The appealing colour combinations and the vivid collections attract children’s attention, and the variety of toys and accessories with the help of tiny details such as sound pendants, 3D surfaces and various materials promote active movement and contribute to children’s motor and sensory development. 

Within the Canpol brand, you can find care products such as combs, brushes, thermometers, scissors and care kits, feeding products such as spoons, containers, pots and bibs, and an extensive range of teethers, chewing toys, rattles and didactic and plush toys for the youngest.

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