Chicco baby skin care products

The baby’s delicate skin needs regular, careful care from the very beginning. The basic instructions on proper care are usually given to the young mother in the maternity hospital.

The baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to dryness. Areas of very dry and irritated skin are common, especially in the diaper area and on the baby’s cheeks. Gentle and effective skin care and the use of products that are clinically and dermatologically proven to be friendly to dry baby skin will help stimulate skin regeneration and make it smooth and soft again.

The best baby care for dry and sensitive skin


Gentle daily regular care that supports the baby’s natural skin protection is the best way to soothe dry skin and prevent dehydration. Choose products that are suitable for the baby’s delicate skin, which are clinically and dermatologically tested.

  • Gentle cleansing: Bathing time is an important time for building the bond between baby and parents. Use lukewarm water (instead of too hot or too cold water, which can cause additional moisture loss), limit bathing time, and choose a mild soap-free cleaning product.
  • Moisturizing care: It is important to moisturize the baby’s body skin immediately after washing to prevent further evaporation of water from its skin. You may find that once-a-day care is not enough and that dry and irritated areas, such as baby’s cheeks or diaper areas, need more frequent care.
  • Proper protection: Do not expose your baby to the sun. If indirect exposure cannot be prevented and the baby is older than three months, apply an appropriate sunscreen product to protect its sensitive skin from harmful sun rays and additional dehydration.


However, not only carefully selected quality cosmetics are important for proper care, but also the detergents with which we wash children’s clothes. Laundry detergents and fabric softeners should be gentle and suitable for the baby’s delicate skin. It is important that they do not have an intense scent and that they do not irritate the baby’s skin.

Caring for the little ones, Chicco has developed its own line of detergents and fabric softeners. They are dermatologically tested and proved and are biodegradable. They give baby clothes freshness and softness. They do not irritate sensitive baby skin. The ingredients give the fabric a mild and delicate scent, while not damaging the fabric and also preserving the colours of the clothes.

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