Emma Bunton, the former Spice Girls Group member, and an experienced R&D  director Christopher Money, both parents, developed in the UK in 2017, a natural, gentle and sustainable alternative to classic diapers that do not  irritate delicate baby skin  – Kit & Kin diapers, which are a better choice than ordinary diapers, as they are made of gentle environmentally friendly materials that do not contain harmful chemicals, along with wet wipes and cosmetics are also suitable for children and mums with the most sensitive skin. 

All products are clinically tested, hypoallergenic, certified by dermatologists and have a Soil Association certificate.

The fluffy chlorine-free cellulose used in manufacturing of the diapers is derived from sustainable forests, and the front parts of diapers, anti-leakage strips and fringes and packaging are made of biodegradable material. Using environmentally friendly diapers, we maintain natural habitats taking care of their recovery and helping reduce pollution

The diapers are extremely soft, tender, well absorbent and friendly to the tender baby’s skin, designed with a modern animal print that makes little babies’ bottoms look even cuter. 

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