Board game WORD SEARCH! In Slovenian.

Search! Find it! Trumpet!

A revolutionary word search game! Turn the playing board in a clockwise direction until the first word is revealed.  All the players now search for the word in the field. The first player to find the word grabs the trumpet and blows, covers the found word with his/her coloured markers and the game can continue.

Attention! The winner is the one who has most of his coloured markers on the board. The game provides fun for the whole family. The game contains 9 two-sided game cards with 18 games in the Slovenian language.


  • 1 Wordsearch board,
  • trumpets,
  • 4 x 70 marking pieces,
  • 9 two-sided game cards with 20 games.
  • The game is in the SLOVENIAN language.

The game is suitable for 2-4 players over the age of seven.

WORD SEARCH is available in all well-supplied toy departments.

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